More than being a commercial entity, Fidel Pets is a concept that is built on three powerful pillars of love, trust and care, which can be summed up in one word, that is , ‘Fidelity’ or ‘Loyalty’ towards our loved ones. And in this case, animals whom we love and adore as our family members. Our ‘fidel’ /loyal pets help us experience love in the most purest form –unconditional love !! Fidel Pets is an endeavour to give back some love and care or ‘fidelity’ to our dear furry, wingy and finny friends !

The genesis of this company lies in the feelings of deep love and sensitivity, that binds all animal lovers across geographies. The founders of this company, though coming from different background and professions, have one thing common that transcends all forms of diversity and that is love and compassion for animals.

Pet owners in our country, often face serious challenges and hardships in raising their pets due to poor access to quality pet care services.Often, the animals meet an agonizing end due to lack of proper treatment at the right time. In the absence of training, dogs may suffer with behaviour issues that can some times turn unmanageable. Every year, thousands of dogs get abandoned due to behaviour issues. Fidel Pets is an initiative to rid our society of this malaise by generating awareness about proper pet-care and training and help build a pet friendly environment.

Our pet handlers are lifetime animal lovers, who have pets of their own, have been active volunteers for animal rescues and rehabilitation. Our team has a wealth of knowledge in pet ownership, training and nutrition.Unlike many local pet care businesses, our pet handlers are not hired from ads. We only work with individuals that we know and trust.

We respect our pet handlers and groomers for their dedication to this initiative and for always putting the safety and well-being of pets first, before anything else. Your pets are treated as our own while they are in our care, so that you can have complete peace of mind when they cant be with you.


Develop a truly Pet-Friendly World!


• Doorstep Pet Care Services, • Quality Pet Products, • Foster Love for Animals