Buy Or Adopt A Puppy Or Dog

You Need To Know About, Before You Buy Or Adopt A Puppy Or Dog Before you get a puppy to your home you need to focus on following points:

What is the need of a dog in your family?

Common answers:  1. Need a companion, 2. Want for security, etc.

Getting a puppy is a responsible task. Don’t just buy or adopt a dog, stating you want to help, or stating I have a child at my home want him to play with, etc.

Focus on the following ponts:

  1. If you want to buy a specific pedigree breed, check the pedigree line; check the background of the puppy parents. Don’t just buy a puppy if you don’t have proper pedigree budget. Getting a cheap quality breed always increase the puppy mills. If you don’t have good budget to buy a good pedigree breed, it’s advisable to adopt one, but don’t forget about the other below mentioned points.
  2. Monthly expenses, getting a puppy in your family will increase your monthly expenses, for food, accessories, veterinary bills, grooming services, training expenses etc.
  3. Check if your daily routine, if you will be able to give proper time to feed, clean, trained, and exercise the puppy after you pick it, pick a puppy or dog only if your are ready to take the responsibilities

Get consultation from our experts. Before, and after you get the puppy home.

Getting a puppy home is very exciting moment….

What happens after you get the puppy?

Here are the most common discussion you would have in your family:

1: Naming the Puppy. Give any name to the puppy don’t choose 2 names the puppy will get confused

2: What to feed. Ask the breeder or the person what they were feeding since beginning whom you have got the puppy. Most of the puppies are on starter food.

3: How to feed. Give the quantity mentioned on the food bag, let the puppy eat, don’t feed by hand

4: When to feed. Feed 4 times a day morning 08:00-09:00, 12:00-01:00, and 04:00-05:00. 07:00-08:00

5: Potty training. Get consultation from our experts

Then After:

1: Biting Issue. Your puppy will have biting issue till the age of 8-9 months, given chew toys, and sticks, Get consultation from our experts

2: Barking Issue. Get consultation from our experts

3: Puppy Vaccination: Puppy vaccination has to be done as per veterinary chart, Get consultation from our experts

4: Basic dog grooming. You are advised not to give bath to the puppy until the vaccination is completed, the vaccination duration is 2 months, during this period you have to dry clean the puppy, Get consultation from our experts

5: Accessories to buy. The basic accessories you need to get for the puppy, 2 feeding bowls (1 for Food, 2 for Water), Belt & Leash, Toys, Chew Sticks, Supplements, Bed, Basic Grooming Tools. Get consultation from our experts

6: Basic home dog training. You have to give basic training to your puppy from the day 1, the puppy enters your house. Get consultation from our experts before, and after you get the puppy home.

7: Staying alone. Don’t leave the puppy alone for a very long duration initially, if you want to leave the puppy alone at home, start with the timing 5-10 minutes gradually increase the timing, Get consultation from our experts

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