Dog Training

t1Is it important to train my dog ?

Training a dog is very important both from a dog owner’s perspective as well as for the dog itself. Dogs are pack animals and every pack has a leader (alpha) who drives the pack. In absence of proper authority and direction, a house dog will try to assume the position of the pack leader and demand obedience from others in the family, whom he would consider as lower in authority. This is a dangerous situation and majority of dog bite cases happen due to this confusion in a dog’s mind. Hence, it is important that a dog be made to understand that he has the lowest rank in the family (pack), which makes it easy for him to obey.

There are many benefits of training your dog


bondShare a deeper bond with your dog

A well-trained dog is a happier dog as it understands what is required from him. He has no confusion in his mind and is therefore more responsive and easy to manage. As a result, the bond between the dog and owner gets stronger !

familyManageable Pooch

A well-behaved dog gets to participate in all family events since he understands and responds to all commands. There is no guilt of leaving the dog shut up for hours as it might misbehave otherwise and be a nuisance for the family and guests.

fightSocially friendly dog

Socialization with humans and other animals, is an important aspect of owning a dog . An unsocialized or less socialized dog may get fearful of other people/dogs and start attacking. Socialization teaches a dog the acceptable behaviour when he meets people outside family . If due to busy schedules of owners, a dog does not get out too often, he may develop insecurity or anxiety which can be uncontrollable at times. This makes socialization training very important so as to avoid unpleasant situation when the dog has to be left in a petcare or on walks.


A well-trained dog, under supervision, is safer to have around family and friends, and is at a lower risk to himself than an uncontrollable dog


Train your dog! Let it not be an option but mandatory for each dog owner!




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