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Dog Behavior Rehab-Specialized Training For Adult Dogs-

12 sessions package



Product Description

This is a specialized training for adult dogs that have serious behavior issues, like uncontrollable behavior in certain circumstances, aggression, history of biting etc. Our canine behaviorist will chart out a customized course package depending upon individual case type.

Some behavior issues :

       ·         Pulling on leash.

·         Showing agnation on other pets, and or human.

·         Messing house while left alone.

·         Jumping on you or other people.

·         Getting too exited while your come back home.

·         Eating too fast.

·         Not waiting for food.

·         Excessive barking.

Note : We always recommend you to be present during the training session, and learn the commands the trainer teach your pet, practice the same commands during the play time with the pet, the correction-rehab raining usually takes 12-24 to see the better result,

 Tips: Practice the command during the playtime, give only 1 command at a time, if there are more than 1 person present during the practice only 1 person has to give command otherwise the pet will keep getting confused, don’t give much treats during the practice time, have patience while training, don’t hit, or shout on your pet, always remember to appreciate if your pet follows your command, socialize your pet with other pets, and human. if the dog is aggressive not friendly towards other pets, or human always use muzzle to take him/her out, don’t try to socialize by yourself, always take help of the behaviorist. We may have to take your pet to rehab center, boarding facility or training center to control the behavior issue if the issue is not under control. Always feel free to ask the trainer-behaviorist or us if you have any questions related to training sessions.


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Sessions :

12 sessions


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